Oct 27, 2007

Apr 15, 2016 BRI ISDN Backup With Backup Interface - Cisco Feb 04, 2010 Maximum Performance from Acropolis Hypervisor and Open The 1g interfaces are grouped into bond1 and used only by a second link on User VM2. Bond0 and bond1 are added into br0 and br1, respectively. With this configuration, the CVM and user VMs use the 10g interfaces. Bridge br1 is available for VMs that require physical network separation from the CVM and VMs on br0.

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The following output is displayed for the show ip interface brief command: Interface IP Address / IP Netmask Admin Protocol. br0 / up up The output of this command provides the following information: Common Configuration Issues — Open vSwitch 2.14.90 $ ovs-vsctl add-br br0 $ ovs-vsctl add-port br0 int0 -- set Interface int0 type=internal $ ip addr add dev int0 $ ip link set int0 up Even more simply, you can take advantage of the internal port that every bridge has under the name of the bridge: Interface Configuration and Management | Cumulus Linux 4.2

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The install script will replace the systems existing eth0 network interface with a br0 interface with the same address. This is required to create a network bridge that KVM virtual machines can use to talk to the rest of your network. The existing eth0 must have a statically configured IP address for this automatic conversion to work. Network bridge - ArchWiki - Arch Linux $ nmcli connection up bridge-br0 If NetworkManager's default interface for the device you added to the bridge connects automatically, you may want to disable that by clicking the gear next to it in Network Settings, and unchecking "Connect automatically" under "Identity." 7.2.3. Network Bridge - Fedora Project