Plausible deniability: in some cases (for example, with VeraCrypt hidden volumes), it is impossible for an adversary to technically prove the existence of an encrypted volume. Still, deniable encryption might not protect you if you are forced to reveal the existence of the encrypted volume.

B. Transport encryption C. Plausible deniability D. Steganography E. Transitive encryption F. Trust models . Show Answer . Answer: C,D . Explanation: Steganography is the process of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video. In this case, it is a hidden volume within the encrypted hard drive. On Implementing Deniable Storage Encryption for Mobile … Several existing solutions support full disk encryption with plausible deniability in regular desktop operating sys-tems. Possibly the most widely used such tool is True-Crypt [46]. To our knowledge, no such solutions exist for any mainstream mobile OSes, although PDE support is ap-parently more important for these systems, as mobile de- (PDF) MobiHydra: Pragmatic and Multi-Level Plausibly MobiHydra enables encryption storage with plausible deniability by hiding sensitiv e data in. hidden volumes. Such v olumes are located in the empty space on the mobile device’s external.

Jun 05, 2018

So this is an example of plausible deniability for such kid prone to violence. But all we are, of course, well-behaved people, and use hidden container only to protect our personal data from bad guys. Deniable encryption, concept more narrow than “Plausible deniability”, applied in cryptography area

Plausible deniability. You may be able to hide the contents of your journal behind a layer of encryption, but if someone has access to your configuration file, then they can figure out that you have a journal, where that journal file is, and when you last edited it.

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