The biggest downside is that if one were to subscribe to the dedicated ip solely for netflix (Torguard is adamant that it must not be used to torrent), that, and the basic service adds yet more money to the monthly fee to access Netflix. So, you have to weigh whether paying more money and hassle is worth it.

What is the difference between Shared and Dedicated IP VPN It’s possible to activate your own Dedicated IP VPN in the country of your choice so that each time you login to that VPN Server, you will be assigned the dedicated IP automatically. Shared IP – This is the popular and anonymous option for most TorGuard VPN service users. How to Set Up a Dedicated IP with TorGuard VPN Aug 17, 2016

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NordVPN vs. TORGuard: A Head-to-Head Comparison Jan 20, 2020 Netflix Torguard Dedicated Ip 👀CyberGhostPros+

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Aug 17, 2016 Torguard and Dedicated IP Problems : VPN Hi there, I've been having issues with Torguard. I purchased a VPN package with them, only to discover that the Netflix connection was incredibly slow (understandably), so I upgraded to a dedicated IP. They gave me one, and it worked great, but then they suddenly rescinded it about 18 hours later. TorGuard Review: Rated 15th out of 78 VPNs (Read Why) Jan 06, 2020 What is a Dedicated IP? Why use one? | VPNOverview Dec 05, 2019